What is LearnGroup?

LearnGroup is the site which collects the materials related to Egyption education system, organize them, save them organized and allows them to be downloaded for free.

What is materials?

Materials is any file that you can use in your educations or share it with your colleagues

who can upload materials?

Anyone can upload materials to LearnGroup and save it at his account

Only registered people can upload materials?

No, anyone can upload materials, but for unregistered people, materials will be refereed to anonymous account.

How to upload materials?

  1. Go to the Upload page
  2. Fill the fields
  3. share it with your colleagues

What is advantages of LearnGroup files?

LearnGroup accepts files for free.
LearnGroup provides downloading files for free.
LearnGroup supports resume capabilities in downloading files.
LearnGroup uploadding files hasn't expire time, and will still online.
LearnGroup supports all files for search for free.
LearnGroup saves files with their uploadding names and won't be changed





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