Terms Of Usage

  • LearnGroup offers all of its materials, moocs and resources for free.
  • Signing up in LearnGroup is for free.
  • Any registered member can upload materials or add moocs or supply resources for free and distribute them with anyone.
  • Any uploaded files must follow copyrights rules.
  • Any member can report any file in the site which conflict with copyrights ruler, or there is a difference between its title and description with its content.
  • All materials files in LearnGroup becomes State owned to LearnGroup including members' uploadding files.
  • Registered members can put their own youtube links in video resources for free.
  • Anyone who upload materials, moocs or resources should be have the right to publish it to the public.
  • Any registered member has the right to report any content by CONTACT FORM or by report fields.
  • Any one who infringes Terms of usage, LearnGroup has the right to delete his account.





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